3 months ago

3 months ago

4 months ago

6 months ago, I placed 2nd in Wellfit obstacle challenge losing to 1st place by 0.2s!! In today's competition I placed first with 7 seconds difference between me and 2 place.

5 months ago

I used to have one gray hair on my right temple but today I think there are five or six now

6 months ago

After attending obstacles class for 6 months not necessarily practicing backflips, today I asked my coach to attempt a backflip and it was achieved after 45 minutes of warm up. Doing a backflip is a bucket list item. Posted a short on youtube

10 months ago

Wellfit obstacle course race timings

10 months ago

Wellfit obstacle course

11 months ago

249.00€ later I received my Laravel certificate, I did not get the certificate for some job advantage - I just like the framework and pretty comfortable using it. https://exam.laravelcert.com/is/abdulsalam-alaraj/certified-since/2022-04-05?

1 year ago

Last feb I visited Morocco for the first time as an adult, met my family and looked at different apartment options. Few weeks later I purchased an apartment expecting to receive it March 2024.

2 years ago

Salam Waddah with a headache after removing wisdom tooth

2 years ago

Salam Waddah at the dentist to remove a wisdom tooth
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