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Victory at Wellfit Ultimate Obstacles Challenge

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In April 2023 I suffered a minor sports injury fracturing my elbow after a parkour class - that injury was all due to an excessive excitement and misjudgment on my side. This came in at a bad timing because 2 months later I would be participating in Wellfit first parkour obstacles challenge.

dima awwad took picture of salam waddah with elbow injury

Placing 2nd

salam waddah winning wellfit second place

By June 2023, I was back in the game, placing 2nd in the Wellfit Ultimate Obstacles challenge, missing 1st place by just 0.2 seconds. Competing with an elbow wrap, this close loss sparked a fierce rivalry with the winner.

salam waddah crouch jumping

Fueled by the desire to close that 0.2-second gap

ultimate obstacle challenge

The competition between us was intense but friendly, pushing both of us to our limits and beyond.

winner announced

It wasn't just about winning; it was about proving to ourselves how far we could go.

Winning 1st Place Wellfit Obstacle Challenge

salam waddah getting started

Six months later, in December 2023, I returned for the 2nd edition of the challenge, more determined than ever. This time, I won, beating the 2nd place by 7 seconds.

salam waddah winning wellfit obstacles

The event was an adrenaline boost and an unforgettable experience. The thrill of competing and the sweet taste of victory made it all worth it. I’m already looking forward to winning the 3rd edition of the competition.

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