* NAVE [4]: I'm sorry if this is another stupid question, but what are cats? They are mentioned a lot in the archive documents and even in some stories and I have no idea what they are.

* D0G [3]: I don't know, but I bet they were awful.

* 401 [1]: LOL

* NAVE [4]: ???

* FRANKENSTEIN [3]: They are a type of pet, Nave. Small animals that people kept as companions or as food.

* MRMULCIBER [8]: Cats seem to have represented a bit more than that to our ancestors. One might go so far as to say they were obsessed with them. What's strange about this is that more than half the reference I can find to this species describe them as arrogant, aloof, and frequently quite destructive. At the same time they were apparently considered funny, cute and loveable. Cats where considered both foolish and devious, graceful and goofy, a nuisance and a comfort. For a long time I was baffled by this contradiction, but I've come to believe that our ancestors saw in cats a reflection of the paradoxical nature of their own existence.

* GARRETT [4]: I saw a cat in Elohim's world once. Really. This is not a joke.

* KAIJU [2]: No way.