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My First Flight Lesson

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Today Feb 14 (yup valentines), I arrived at the Academy (Jazirah Aviation Club) around 8:30 AM for my 10 AM scheduled flight. My instructor introduced herself and explained the day's plan. She tested my theoretical knowledge, covering different flight dynamics, before heading to the plane.

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jazira aviation club entrance

Preflight inspection

The aircraft A6ALL is assigned to me, we thoroughly inspected the plane, learning to check every detail. Inside, we went through an extensive checklist, which took about 30 minutes. I found the process detailed but manageable.

A6ALL Aeroprakt

Taking control of the flight

Once ready, I was surprised that she gave me full control of the plane on my first practical lesson. During taxiing, I communicated with the ground and practiced radio procedures. For takeoff, the instructor guided with some final instructions then I gave full power.

Taking off felt overwhelming with all the instruments and sounds, but I managed. Only minutes later as I gained altitude, I realized I was actually flying. The plane was stable, and I felt a bit overwhelmed but focused.

Little setback with motion sickness

Update: After 40 hours of flying, I no longer feel sick, and my body is acclimatized to flying motion.

About 30 minutes in, I started feeling motion sickness. I told the instructor and handed over control. Minutes later I vomited but felt better soon after. We decided to return after 30 minutes of flying. She landed the plane.

sensored motion sickness bag

Logging my first logbook entry

Overall, it was an exciting and educational first flight, despite the minor setback.

First pilot logbook entry

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