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Laravel mandrill notifications channel

Laravel mandrill driver

Easily send email via mandrill using Laravel notifications. This open source package is sending 600,000+ emails every month for products.

Back in July 2019 when I was a software developer at we needed to send emails without having to manage templates and designs in the code base.

We needed to give the marketing team the control over the branding and templates! Mandrill - a mailchimp product - was the perfect solution because it allowed the marketing folks to design email templates using Mailchimp's drag and drop template builder.

After searching for a Laravel package to allow us to send emails where we prepare the data on API but merge it with Mandrill's templates, we didn't find any that suits our needs. 2021 update: more similar packages are now available on packagist

With the help of my colleague Narendra Chitrakar we whipped up a small package that utilizes mandrill api to easily send emails via mandrill using Laravel's excellent notifications syntax.