AutoHub - Purchase with confidence

AutoHub - Purchase with confidence
Digital Ocean
Laravel Forge

This is a commercial project. Started late 2020 with two friends of mine who are in the business field, Elie and Mohammed presented autohub idea to me and asked if I could help them build a platform to offer car inspection services to car buyers.

After spending couple of weeks scoping the project I started coding, 4 months later we have a working MVP with payment!

Use coupon code SALAM for AED50 off on your next car inspection order ;)

Opened to the public January 2021, potential car buyers could log onto and choose the only available service (Pre-purchase inspection) - pay the fees and 24 hours later you get a detailed report about the car you're planning to buy in your inbox.

As of today, one year later, the team has grown from 3 to 6 individuals, and AutoHub UAE now offer a range of 3 different services:

  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Extended warranty
  • Car evaluation certificate

My role at AutoHub

Being the only engineer then, I built the platform from scratch using Laravel, Blade, Vuetify! The project now is being served though Digital Ocean!

I no longer write code full time for AutoHub, however, I fully manage the infrastructure on Digital Ocean, AWS S3, Cloudflare, Laravel forge, etc...! AutoHub as a business has its own full-time developers.